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Dehydrated Spicy Fruit

Introducing Balmoro dehydrated fruit, a delicious and healthy snack that you cannot resist. Its flavor and texture will delight you. Try our dehydrated hot spicy fruit and turn any moment into a memorable one.

Spicy Snacks Mix

Would you like to have all your favorite snacks in the same product? Try our spicy snack mixes! Homemade recipes with the craft made touch that represent us. If you love spicy flavors, our mixes are made for you.

Natural Snacks Mix

The best seeds selected to deliver tasteful dehydrated fruit and nuts that makes you experience new flavors at each bite. Try our delicious mix!

Nuts and Seeds

Are you looking for a natural and delicious snack? Try our nuts and seeds; crispy and with the Balmoro homemade taste. Checkout our different presentations, you will love them!

Peanuts and Pistachios

There is nothing like to have a snack; and peanuts and pistachios are something else. Try them salted, spicy, chipotle or cheese flavored. Traditionally delicious!

Learn about our production process

Our products are of the highest quality, we use natural ingredients and homemade recipes that guarantee that you consume fresh, delicious products with the crafted taste that has allowed us to place ourselves in the taste of the whole family.